Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Get Golf Equipment Your Own Size

Over the weekend I played golf with my 13-year old son. We brought a friend of his along to play with us on a near by executive golf course. He had his own golf equipment that looked to be an old set of his dads. After the first few holes, my son's friend was struggling and was getting frustrated.

I took a closer look at his clubs and realized they were probably handed down from his dad. I immediately knew that the clubs were not right for him. I compared his 7-iron to mine and his was a 1/2 inch longer than mine. The poor kid was playing with clubs that were too long, too stiff, and too heavy.

I tried giving some tips to help him swing the club better, which is something I normally don't do on the golf course. I told him to choke up on the golf club and to widen his stance, but it didn't seem to help. I felt bad for him because he had a descent swing, but the clubs were holding him back.

The clubs were definitely not the right size for him and after the round I suggested he ask his parents to see if they could get some clubs to that were his own size. This is probably the biggest problem I see with kid golfers. They're given some old clubs their dad had and they either play with them as they are or have them cut down, which is even worse. By cutting down the shaft at the butt you end up changing the flex to be more stiff, which ends up hurting the child even more.

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