Monday, May 08, 2006

Golf Balls Love The Warmth

I learned an interesting fact about golf balls the other day that all golfers should be aware of.

It takes about 8 to 10 hours for a golf ball to be completely affected by the weather/temperature. So it's important to keep your golf balls in a warm and controlled temperature environment like your house.

Keeping them in your house before you go to the golf course will give you an edge on those cold golf days. I know we've all played in the cold and the feeling of miss-hitting that cold hard golf ball is something we all dread, but if you keep your golf balls warm before you play then that miss-hit won't feel as bad.

Also, when you're putting the ball it will feel more natural coming off the putter face instead of feeling like a piece of granite. This is especially true for the already hard two-piece balls like the extra distance Top-flite type of golf balls.

So just remember to keep those balls in a warm place and not in the trunk of your car overnight. You'll thank me the next time you're playing on a cold day!
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