Wednesday, May 10, 2006

500 Golf Balls In The School Pool

I know you're probably wondering what in the heck does 500 golf balls have to do with a pool. Well a year after I graduated from Edison High School in Huntington Beach, CA my brother was graduating. As a senior everyone tries to think of something unique to do as a senior prank.

If you've been following my posts you know that me and my brother used to rake golf balls from the lakes at golf courses at night. We did this to make a little extra money by selling them back to the golfers. Over the years we had accumulated quite a few cut-up golf balls that were only good for shag balls. We probably had close to 750 of these shag golf balls in our garage.

Well my brother decided as a senior prank that the night before graduation he would take about 500 of these shag balls and dump them into the 12-foot deep diving pool. Boy did the faculty personnel get upset with that prank. I remember they threatened to not graduate the person or persons responsible for this unless they came forward. They basically pulled out the bluff card because there was no way they were going to find out because my brother pulled this off by himself so no one knew about it... not even me until a few days later when he told me.

I can't imagine how much of a pain that was to clean all of those golf balls from the pool. I wonder if it clogged any of the filters. Anyway, I thought it was pretty damn funny because that following weekend I went back to the high school to take a peek at the pool... and the golf balls were all over the bottom. There even some of those old-school orange hi-visibility golf balls that stuck out like a sore thumb.

Do you have any unique high school pranks to share?
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Abraham Lincoln said...

I don't see any shout box to comment or answer your question about the Fly and how close I got so I am posting an answer here.

I was about 3-5 inches from the fly. I was holding the camera in my hand and using the Canon lens that came with the camera and it happened to have a macro feature enabling me to get close. When the flys are eating, like this, they don't mind being photographed. That surprises a lot of people. Some will fly away but others take their place. If you go to and click on Photography - Up Close you can see some other close shots of insects.

Bizymommie said...

Great Blog About Golf, but more of the story about your senior prank is awesome and hilarious. My senior pranked to up in Northern, Ca.

David Kim said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog.

You've got a great golf blog. I tried golfing so I could network and all that, but it's too tough. I have a lot of respect for you.

I never really do any pranks on anyone for fear of retaliation.

Keep up the good work!