Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A 100-Mile Long Golf Ball Rubber Band

When I was about 11 years old me and my brother were always into something. One day we decided we wanted to know what the inside of a golf ball looked like. We had heard all of these stories about the core of a golf ball containing some toxic liquid and that made us even more curious.

So we took a Titleist golf ball and put it into a vice and started to saw the cover with a hacksaw. We rotated the golf ball as we cut the cover, but we cut too deep and the ball started to make this crackling sound and it looked like stuff was trying to crawl out of it. We both jumped back and waited for it to stop and it did after about 10 seconds. We got closer and noticed it looked like a million rubber bands were inside the golf ball. We realized that the golf ball was wound with one gigantic rubber band.

We got another Titleist golf ball out and this time we were very careful not to cut through the rubber band. We peeled off the white cover and saw the wound golf ball. We started to unravel the rubber band from the golf ball and it seemed like it went for ever. As a kid if you asked me how long it was I probably would have said something like a 100 miles.

Now you can only imagine what a 10 and 11 year old boy could do with something like this. One particular stunt we pulled was to take the rubber band and wrap it around the light post from one side of the street to the other. We had created a rubber band barricade that was invisible because we did this at night. We hid behind the pushes and waited for a car to go through it.

And this is when things got really interesting. A guy in a Pontiac Trans-Am was coming and he went through it and immediately stopped after it tore off his car antenna. We all started to run and he put his car in reverse... and the chase was on. We ran down this small alleyway that lead to the school. He recklessly chased us down the alleyway, but it was a dead end for him because it was fenced off and only room for pedestrians to go through.

We all laughed and stayed at the school for a little bit until we thought things were safe... and that's when we saw a car at the far end of the school driving recklessly in the parking lot. The car then made it's way on to the blacktop and then on to the field. It was the guy in the Trans-Am and he was coming for us on the school campus. We weren't laughing anymore and started to run back to where we came from. We all hid in the bushes and waited there until the coast was clear. He did come back through the street looking for us, but luckily he didn't find us.

Do you have any interesting golf ball stories to share?

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neva said...

whoa! my sister and i used to "unravel" my dad's golf balls... but that's it. we never thought to try anything adventurous with the "100 mile long" rubberband! (that's the difference between girls and guys, perhaps? or not... i don't want to sound too sexist here!)

great story... glad you and your brother came through it so well!

i also wanted to say "thanks" for stopping by and for leaving that lovely comment! hope you'll come back! (i promise i will!) : D

sweatpantsmom said...

Great story. I seriously had no idea what was inside of a golf ball. Smurfs, maybe?