Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Up And Down From 100-Yards

When I was playing high school golf I used to be able to get up and down from 100-yards 8 times out of 10 with my sand wedge. My sand wedge was probably my best club in my bag. I was so good with my sand wedge because of the way I used to practice with it.

During the summer and weekends I would take hundreds of used golf balls to my high school that me and my brother got from raking the lakes at the golf course (see previous post on golf balls). I had close to 300 golf balls in a plastic create that I would carry into the back of the school where there was a big stretch of grass. I dumped out the golf balls and began hitting away. I started with my sand wedge and worked up to my driver.

After I finished hitting all of them I rolled one of the round heavy metal school trash cans out into the middle of the grass where I was hitting. I did this because I wanted to have something to hit all of the golf balls at. For the most part I used my sand wedge to hit towards the trash can. After doing this routine for several days I became deadly from 100-yards in.

I was getting so accurate at hitting my sand wedge that I was hitting the ball into the trash can with regularity. I played all kinds of wedge shots like high flop shots, knock downs, etc... from all different yardages. I was becoming extremely good with my sand wedge.

That year I played some of my best golf on the high school team mainly because I could get up and down from 100 yards in on a regular basis. My short game was phenominal and it dropped at least 3 shots from my handicap.

I know if you were to hit a couple of buckets with just your sand wedge at the range you'd probably get bored, but you'd become deadly from 100-yards in... and probably drop 3 or more strokes from your handicap. Give it a shot... what do you have to loose... a couple of strokes? :-)

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