Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Who Said Lake Golf Balls Are No Good?

If you've been following my posts you know that me and my brother used to sell golf balls on the weekends to golfers. More specifically we sold them along side the 3rd hole at Meadowlark Golf Course in Huntington Beach, CA. We would have them out on display in egg cartons behind the fence right next to the tee box. We figured this was a strategic selling place because the golfers couldn't miss seeing the golf balls as they would walk up to the tee box.

One day a golfer walked up and immediately said our golf balls were no good because they were waterlogged from being in the lakes. We both said that a lot of these golf balls have only been in the water for a few hours and there's no way they were waterlogged. The golfer was convinced that these experienced golf balls were waterlogged and not worth the 50 cents a piece we were charging. Now that I think back we should have been charging more than 50 cents because a lot of them looked like they came from a brand new sleeve of golf balls.

Anyway, my brother was getting a little pissed at this guy and said "Let my brother hit one of these golf balls with your driver and see how water logged they are." The golfer thought about it for a second and then said ok.

I climbed over the fence to hit the golf ball. I was pretty nervous as he handed me his driver. You have to remember that I was only about 13 years old the time. I teed up the ball and ripped one down the middle and the ball rolled up about 10 yards short of the green. I could tell everyone in the group was stunned at how well I hit the ball. It was all it took because they all bought golf balls from us.

From that day forward that same Saturday group were regular customers of ours. It didn't take long for word to spread about our golf balls and business was good for the Smith brothers.
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Golf School Nut said...

I used to buy the experienced golf balls at the proshop, which I assumed were lake golf balls. I would agree that there's nothing wrong with a golf ball from the lake Arizona Golf Schools.