Tuesday, May 09, 2006

John Daly Looses $60 Million In Gambling

John Daly's book titled "John Daly: My Life In and Out of the Rough" was released yesterday (5/8). Daly states in his book that he has lost between $50 million to $60 million in gambling since 1992... and over that time he's been married 4 times with alcohol problems. I've always liked John Daly because he's always represented the underdog. It's amazing that he's lost that much money because I didn't think he made that much during his carrier, but I'm sure that includes endorsements.

Here's an article from The Charlotte Observer by Ron Green Jr.

John Daly said his conversation Monday with PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem about the gambling revelations in his new book was 'positive' and the commissioner suggested the two-time major champion seek counseling.

On the practice range Tuesday at the Quail Hollow Club, Daly said he doesn't plan to undergo counseling for a gambling habit that, in his estimation, has cost him between $50 million and $60 million since 1992. Daly said he estimates he won $20 million to $25 million gambling.

The enormous gambling losses are detailed in 'John Daly: My Life In and Out of the Rough,' to be released Monday by Harper Collins. They are just part of the story Daly tells about his often-wild life.

'It's the truth about my life,' Daly said. 'I'm not going to sidestep anything.'

Since Daly shocked golf by winning the 1991 PGA Championship as a virtual unknown, his life has been a turbulent tale.

Daly has been married four times and battled alcohol problems along with his gambling troubles, all of which he details.

Daly said the book was edited eight times, usually toning down the coarse language, so he could give the publisher the product it wanted without doing too much damage to the PGA Tour.
'There's a lot of cussing in the book but we toned it down as much as we could,' Daly said.

Finchem told Daly it made him look unprofessional.

'My life is unbecoming of a professional,' Daly said. But 'it's hard to say it in anybody else's words.'

Daly said he decided several years ago he wanted to write the book before his 40th birthday. He turned 40 Friday.

'It brings back memories of the stupid stuff I've done and of the good stuff I've done,' said Daly.

'It's honest. It was fun to do. A lot of stuff in there was tough to talk about but it felt good to do it.'

Near the end of the book, Daly tells of losing to Tiger Woods in a sudden-death playoff last fall in a World Golf Championship event in San Francisco.

After winning $750,000, Daly went to Las Vegas where he lost $1.65 million in less than six hours, playing a $5,000 slot machine.

'Twenty pulls is a hundred grand,' Daly said. 'The next thing you know, 600 grand is gone.'

Daly said he had reduced his gambling in recent years before his night in Las Vegas last fall. It has not happened since, Daly said.

'It's not like I'm dying to gamble,' said Daly, who admits he hasn't given up gambling completely.

In talking with Finchem, Daly said the commissioner expressed his concern about the gambling.

Daly said he asked Finchem how he felt about the book and the commissioner said, 'I'm borderline about it.'

On Sunday, Daly will be featured on CBS magazine show '60 Minutes,' where he'll talk about the story he tells in his book.

'Will I lose some fans?' Daly said. 'I hope not. I might gain some.'
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