Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Golfsmith Golf Gadgets Galore

Golfsmith is currently having a sale on a lot of their golf gadgets. I personally haven't used these products, but the two that interest me the most are the SkyCaddie GPS and the Radar Golf System. Here's a list of the golf gadgets I saw on sale.

SKY GOLF SkyCaddie SG2 SKY GOLF SkyCaddie SG2


Lasercaddy Rangefinder Lasercaddy Rangefinder

Pinseeker W/Slope BUSHNELL Yardage Pro Pinseeker W/Slope


The SkyCaddie GPS is cool because it will eventually make the purchasing of the yardage books at the pro shop obsolete. It's already being used on the Adams Golf Tight Lies Tour and I'm sure it's not far from both the PGA and LPGA tours.

Here's a quote by LPGA Tour Player Natalie Gulbis "As a TOUR Player, I know how difficult it is to estimate yardages on my own. That's why I use a great TOUR Caddie or my SkyCaddie."

Peter Jacobson thoughts on the SkyCaddie GPS "The SkyCaddie gives you the critical information that allows you to play to your fullest potential ... Play golf just once with the SkyCaddie, and I guarantee three things will happen: you'll play better, you'll play faster, and you'll have more fun!"

The Radar Golf System is ingenious. For a lot of golfers this thing would pay for itself in no time by retrieving the golf balls they would have lost as well as pocketing all of the other balls they find.

Both of these seem like they would be useful for any golfer. Any golfer would love to have one of these golf gadgets as a gift under the Christmas tree.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pinfire Golf Putters Making A Statement

Pinfire Golf, which is a small company in Corona, California, have been designing putters since 2004 and they're starting to get some recognition.

The Pinfire Golf Putters were recently reviewed by Golf Tips Magazine and given the "Fearless Design Award". A quote from their website "Our putters are designed for the highest moment of inertia, MOI, the physical property that causes an object to resist twisting when struck off-center. In addition, Pinfire Golf developed and incorporated the most advanced visual alignment system in the world on the Eagle and Liberty models. Their 6 dimension alignment system affords unsurpassed confidence when aligning any putt."

I've seen the Pinfire Golf putters and they're very impressive looking. With four adjustable weighting ports, each golfer can customize the Liberty to their needs. Their putters are worth a look.

If you've played with or your currently playing with a Pinfire Golf putter then I'd like to hear your thoughts.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Having Trouble Lining Up Your Putts?

Here's a really simple putting drill to identify your dominant hand while putting. This putting drill will help you more consistently hit your putts on line.

Place some golf balls about 5 to 6 feet from the hole. Now grip the putter as you normally would and remove just your left hand. Start putting the golf balls towards the hole. The object is to make 6 balls in a row. Repeat this step with your left hand.

After you've completed the putting with your left hand you should have a clear understanding of what hand had more control over the putts. Basically which one did you feel most comfortable putting with. The majority of us golfers dominant hand is the hand that we felt most comfortable putting with.

What we've done is determine which hand should be the controlling hand and which one is the supporting hand. For me my right hand is the controlling hand and I typically address a putt with just my right hand and the putter and looking down the line to line up my putt. I suggest you do the same.

If you found that you non-dominant hand was much weaker than your dominant hand then you should practice this drill until you feel it has more control. See my previous
putting drill post to help you out with this.

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Friday, October 13, 2006

What's In Davis Love III's Golf Bag?

Davis Love III won the 2006 Chrysler Classic Of Greensboro last weekend. Do you want to know what he was carring in his golf bag during his win?

Driver: Titleist 905R 7.5* Driver
Irons:  Titleist Forged 680 (3-PW) Irons
Wedges: Titleist Vokey Design (54* & 60*) Wedges
Other:  Titleist PT 585.H (19*) Hybrid
Putter: Scotty Cameron Prototype Putter

Davis had a really tough year this year. This was his only victory and he only finished in the top 10 three times in the 21 tournaments he played. He made 16 cuts of the 21 tournaments he played in and still managed to win $2,477,731.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

How To Hit A Hybrid Golf Club

Here's a quick and dirty golf tip on how to hit a hybrid golf club.

A lot of golfers these days have a hybrid in their golf bag, but I'm suspecting quite a few of them aren't quite sure how to hit it. The question really lies in how you treat the hybrid club. Meaning, do you hit down on the golf ball like you do with a iron? Or do you hit it like you would with a fairway wood?

The one thing you need to remember is that a hybrid is designed to replace a mid to long iron, so you need to swing it like mid to long iron. Have the confidence to hit down and through the ball just like you would with your mid to long iron.

Now if you decide to hit your hybrid off the tee then you should tee it up a little higher than an iron and take a few practice swings just to get use to the different weight and feel of the golf club. This is especially true when you've just hit driver on the last few holes. You're all set so don't over swing, use a conservative tempo, and hit down and through the golf ball!

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Top 10 Hottest Golf Clubs (Oct)

Since I received a lot of positive feedback from last months post of the Top Hottest Golf Clubs, I decided to keep it going. So here are the hottest golf clubs for the month of October.

1. Ping Eye 2 Iron set
2. TaylorMade r7 quad Driver
3. Ping G5 Driver
4. Titleist 905R Driver
5. Nike SasQuatch Driver
6. Mizuno MP 60 Iron set
7. Callaway X-18 Iron set
8. Titleist 983K Driver
9. TaylorMade R580 XD Driver
10.Ping G2 Driver

The Ping Eye 2 Iron set remained as the hottest golf club and the TaylorMade r7 quad Driver remained at the number 2 spot. The golf club that made the biggest move was the Ping G5 Driver to #3, which wasn't even in the top 10 last month. Also the Titleist 905R Driver moved from #9 to #4. Just in case you missed it, here's my post of The Hottest Golf Clubs from last month.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Great Putters Master Putts Within 6 Feet

Some putts are more important than others and I believe the most important putts are those inside of 6 feet. If you're making a high percentage of these putts then it means you're stroking the golf ball very well, which builds confidence for the longer putts... and confidence to a golfer means everything. It also means you can go at longer putts aggressively, knowing you can make the comebackers.

I feel the best way to practice short putts is in a competitive situation. I personally like to do putting games on the practice putting green with my golf buddies for a small wager, or you can even use your imagination to simulate a competitive situation. Being challenged is the best way to lessen fear and build confidence.

There are some golfers that don't like to hit short putts before a round. They feel if they miss a few that they'll loose their confidence, which is a real backwards way of thinking. Before I play round I want to know if I'm stroking the 6 footers good or not... and if I'm not then it gives me the opportunity to correct the problem before taking it to the golf course.

Consistently making short putts takes discipline, toughness, concentration, and the right attitude. Never take them for granted.

The next time you're at the practice putting green try putting nothing but 6 footers for at least 30 minutes and do this several times before you play your next round of golf. I guarantee you're putting will dramatically improve from both short and long range.

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