Monday, October 02, 2006

Great Putters Master Putts Within 6 Feet

Some putts are more important than others and I believe the most important putts are those inside of 6 feet. If you're making a high percentage of these putts then it means you're stroking the golf ball very well, which builds confidence for the longer putts... and confidence to a golfer means everything. It also means you can go at longer putts aggressively, knowing you can make the comebackers.

I feel the best way to practice short putts is in a competitive situation. I personally like to do putting games on the practice putting green with my golf buddies for a small wager, or you can even use your imagination to simulate a competitive situation. Being challenged is the best way to lessen fear and build confidence.

There are some golfers that don't like to hit short putts before a round. They feel if they miss a few that they'll loose their confidence, which is a real backwards way of thinking. Before I play round I want to know if I'm stroking the 6 footers good or not... and if I'm not then it gives me the opportunity to correct the problem before taking it to the golf course.

Consistently making short putts takes discipline, toughness, concentration, and the right attitude. Never take them for granted.

The next time you're at the practice putting green try putting nothing but 6 footers for at least 30 minutes and do this several times before you play your next round of golf. I guarantee you're putting will dramatically improve from both short and long range.

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