Sunday, May 14, 2006

Long Putts Are A Breeze

I know for most of us long putts are not a breeze, but there's a drill you can do to make those long putts a breeze.

The key to being good at long putts is knowing the speed/distance to hit the putt. Probably 95 times out of a hundred the average golfer isn't going to make a putt from 30+ feet so to improve on our speed/distance is all we have to insure no 3-putts.

Now to consistently hit good speed/distance you need to be able to hit the putt on the center of the putter face. Hitting a putt outside of the center on the heel or toe will make the putt fall well short on those long putts.

So here's what you can do to help in hitting those long putts solid on the center of the putter face. Take two bandaids and wrap them around the putter face on the inside and outside of the centerline leaving a 1/2 inch gap between the bandaids. Make sure the soft cushy part of the bandaid is on the face of the putter. Now take a few golf balls from the 30+ foot range and start stoking them towards the hole. If you hit the putt off the bandaid you'll know it immediately because of the sound, but more importantly it will fall well short of the hole.

The reason why the bandaids are important is so you know when you miss hit a putt because it will give you immediate feedback. When you're putting from distance on the putting green you may not know that the reason a ball fell 8 feet short was because it hit on outside the centerline area.

Perform this drill when ever you're struggling with your long putts... and when 3-putts from 30+ feet are becoming the norm instead of the exception.
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