Saturday, May 27, 2006

Golf Schools Are Your Best Bet

If you want to make a BIG LEAP in improving your golf game then a golf school is your best bet. A golf school is 100% dedicated to making you a better golfer. The majority of the golf schools can and will teach you to become a better golfer.

The 5 major features a good golf school should be offering are:

1. No more than a 4 to 1 teaching ratio with 2 to 1 being something to look for and 1 to 1 being ideal, but will be a lot more pricey.
2. The golf school's pros should be seasoned teaching professionals that are highly qualified. Make sure at least 2 of the teaching professionals are recognized in the golf world/community.
3. The golf school should have accommodations included in the price with the accommodations on or very near the golf course where you're taught.
4. The golf school should provide a specific lesson plan for your swing. They should tailor it specifically for you and not follow a caned plan.
5. The golf school should provide unlimited follow up via email or phone. I think this is probably the most important because it shows how genuine they are in improving your game.

You should also think of the golf school as a vacation so the accommodations and surrounding area should fit your lifestyle off the course. Also, look for golf schools that provide unlimited golf after your teaching session is over. Try to find some testimonials on their website to see what some of their previous students felt about the course.

The Internet is a great place to perform some due-diligence on the golf schools available in your area that meet your needs. Check the websites for the golf schools lessons and tips section to see if they offer any free advice. Here are some keywords you can use when performing your golf school search:

1. Arizona Golf Schools
2. Florida Golf Schools
3. California Golf Schools
4. Myrtle Beach Golf Schools
5. Golf Vacation Schools

Price will obviously play a big part in your golf school of choice so be sure to set a budget before you start looking for a golf school. There's a lot of competition between the golf schools for your attendance so expect them to cater to you when you call and inquire about their program. Don't be afraid to ask if they have any specials or if they provide seasonal discounts. If the golf school really wants your business then they'll be willing to accommodate your golfing needs.

A good source of information for researching golf schools is at the US Golf Schools web site.

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Golf School Nut said...

I definitely agree with you on the value of Golf Schools. I've been to a couple and there's nothing better for you game than the concentrated help you get from the golf instructors.