Friday, May 26, 2006

Are Golf Schools Worth The Money?

Do you think Golf Schools are worth the money? I did some research on some golf schools to see if it would be worth it for me to go. In my research I wanted to find some testimonials of what golfers have been saying about them. What I found out was that there are over 133 Golf Schools in America.

The Golf Schools I looked at had to have locations close to Southern California because I didn't want to pay for airfare. I looked at quite a few of 133 Golf Schools and ended picking the Golf Made Simple Golf School. I looked at the 3-day courses because they were more in my price range.

Golf Made Simple Golf School is located at the Barona Ranch Resort & Casino located San Diego, California, which is only 90 minutes away so that was a good thing. They're 3-day course runs $1,488 for a Single and $1,257 per person for a Double. The golf school is at the Barona Valley Golf Course, which is considered one of the top public courses in California. While $1500 may seem like a lot, the 3-day class at the Golf Made Simple Golf School offers quite a bit... and when compared to the other golf schools it's a good value. Oh, and the testimonials the golfers said about the golf school were very good too!!

A good source of information for researching golf schools is at the US Golf Schools web site.

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