Saturday, May 20, 2006

53 Degree Sand Wedge Over The House

Now I'm sure you're wondering what in the heck do I mean by saying hitting a sand wedge over the house. Is it a new analogy for hitting a wedge shot? Nope it means exactly what it says... hitting a sand wedge over a house. More specifically an old 53 degree Ram sand wedge.

When I was around 13 years old me and my brother used to do all kinds of crazy stuff. You know how kids at this age can be (see previous post about a Golf Ball Rubber Band). Well one day we were bored and my brother dared me to hit a golf ball from our front lawn over the house across the street. Behind this house was our grade school field so if I cleared the house then I'd be safe from hitting and breaking anything. I figured it would take a 100-yard sand wedge to safely clear everything.

Well of course I took the dare. When you get dared by your younger brother you pretty much have to do it because he looks up to you and you want to show him how tough & brave you are. Now it makes sense why my 13-year old son does the things he does :-)

I went into the garage and took out a couple golf balls from our shag ball bucket (see previous post
Golf Balls... The Other White Gold). I dropped them down on the lawn and took a few practice swings with the Ram sand wedge to warm up. I was pretty nervous because the house across the street had a huge glass window in front. I was thinking that if I catch this sand wedge a little thin then I'll be doing some big time in my room... probably for the rest of the summer... and I'm sure my dad wouldn't of hesitated to bring out the belt either.

Anyway, I set up behind the ball and started to get even more nervous. I had to hide my nervousness from my brother because I couldn't let him see his big brother getting scared. If you think hitting over a lake on your approach shot is nervous time... try this out on your nerves. I took sand wedge back and came back through hitting the ball. It was a pure shot and it cleared the house with no problem. I know you were hoping to hear that I drilled it right into the window. It probably would have made for a better ending, but not this time.

We both started to laugh and yell... and my brother wanted me to hit another one. I told him no and made up some lame excuse why I couldn't. Have you ever hit a sand wedge or other golf club over a house? Have done some other crazy things with a golf ball and golf club?

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