Monday, May 22, 2006

Golf Shot Around The World

I came across this story by accident and it intrigued me to know what it meant by a golf shot around the world. It's a publicity campaign to bring awareness to this unique golf equipment manufacturer called Element 21 Golf.

E21 holds exclusive rights to manufacture golf products using Scandium, which is the 21st element in the periodic table. They've created proprietary E21 Alloys through a sophisticated multi-technology production facility. They manufactures shafts, drivers, and other clubs that have significant improvements in distance, accuracy, and feel over existing golf products. They've been able to get the attention of well known professional golfers and they've switched to or began testing E21's Eagle One shafts.

The alloys of E21 are 55% lighter and offer 25% strength to weight advantage over existing Titanium alloys that are currently used in golf industry. In E21 Alloys have advanced dynamics and the material economics that offer a performance-enhanced alternative to making driver clubs with Titanium. Of the 4 billion dollar golf equipment industry, drivers make of the biggest segment of which E21 hopes to penetrate.

E21 recently announced its "Golf Shot Around the World Mission" in celebration of the 35th anniversary of Alan B. Shepard Jr.'s historic Apollo 14 Mission. Just about every single record for distance in the golf industry will be shattered this fall when an astronaut will hit a golf ball into orbit around the earth -- using an E21 golf club. It is only natural that this event takes place on the International Space Station, considering that E21 Alloys are also used on the Space Station in high strength, fatigue resistant applications.

How do you go about smashing the world long drive record? Try hitting a golf ball in zero gravity and crushing the long drive record by approximately 3 billion KM. This is what Russian Cosmonaut will attempt to do from the International Space Station with a special gold-plated golf ball and a 6 Iron. Element 21 CEO and founder Dr. Nataliya Hearn confirmed they are paying the Russian Space Agency for this opportunity to raise awareness of their clubs but it is also a great way to celebrate the 35th anniversary of astronaut Alan Shepard Jr. when he hit a golf ball on the moon in 1971 while traveling on Apollo 14.

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