Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Best Golf Tip Ever

The best golf tip I could give anyone would be to master putting. When I say master putting I mean to be the best putter that you can be.

Now I know you were probably looking for something a little more profound, but I think it's the simplicity of it that makes it the best golf tip. If someone asked me what they should practice to lower their score I would always say putting because the game of golf is won and lost on the putting green. I'm not saying you shouldn't practice your swing, but you should seriously consider mastering your putting game.

Even if you just practice your putting stroke with a few golf balls in your home or office 10 minutes a day you'll be surprised at how much better your putting will become. The reality is most amateurs don't want to practice their putting because it's either boring or too time consuming. What they don't realize is they can reduce 4 or 5 strokes from their game very easily if they put a little effort into their putting game.

So in my opinion practicing your putting as much as or more than the other parts of your game is "The Best Golf Tip Ever".
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