Friday, June 16, 2006

4 Steps To Hitting Out Of A Divot

Having your golf ball come to rest in a divot is always a disappointing site especially when you've just hit your best drive of the day in the middle of the fairway, but we all know that's golf for you. Here are 4 steps you can follow to hit your golf ball out of a divot.

1. Take one club longer than you would normally use from that distance.

2. Play the golf ball in the middle of your stance or just a little bit back in your stance.

3. Break your wrists earlier than normal when taking the club back.

4. Hit down on on the golf ball hard on your downswing. Try get the golf through the ball and follow through as much as possible.

With the longer irons the golf ball will typically come out lower with not a lot of back spin, but with the short irons it will have a tendency to come put with more back spin on the golf ball. You'll want to try this out on the golf range to get a feel for the shot. Each divot is different so be prepared to see some shots come out ugly. By practicing this golf shot it will help you the next time your on the golf course and confronted with your golf ball in a divot.

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