Thursday, June 15, 2006

Master The Fairway Bunkers

Do you have difficulty hitting your golf ball from the fairway bunkers? I've seen a lot of golfers struggle with this golf shot and its really not that difficult. The 2 biggest mistakes I see golfers do when trying to hit from the fairway bunkers are:

1. They try to scoop or lift the golf ball out of the trap.
2. Their body isn't quite during the golf swing. Meaning there's too much movement when they need to reduce as much of the swaying as possible.

Here are 4 swing thoughts you can do the next time you're in the fairway bunker.

1. Make sure your feet are secure in the sand trap.
2. Play the golf ball more towards the middle of your stance.
3. Make your normal swing. Don't try to scoop or lift the golf ball out.
4. Keep your weight on your left foot throughout the swing.

If you use these tips then you'll see a big improvement in your fairway bunker play and probably drop a few strokes from your golf score.

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