Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Only 2 Good Shots In A Round Of Golf

The average golfer hits only 1 or 2 good golf shots in a round of golf. When I say good I mean they hit the golf ball on the sweet spot and it goes where they wanted it to go. The pros only hit 5 or 6 good golf shots in a round of golf.

If you can accept that you're only going to hit 1 or 2 good golf shots in a round then you can concentrate on minimizing the severity of how bad your other shots end up. You do this by playing to the strengths of your golf game or playing away from the weaknesses of your golf game... and to take your pride out of the golf shot.

For example say your next golf shot is an 180-yard carry over water. On your best day of golf you could hit it over the water 2 times out of 10. You're better off taking a smaller iron and hit away from the water into the fairway to take the water out of play.

If your next golf shot requires you to hit it through a 10 foot gap between 2 trees and on your best day of golf you could hit it through the gap 1 out of 10 times then you're better of to take a wedge and hit it out on to the fairway.

I see a lot of golfers think they're Tiger Woods or Phil Michelson and attempt very low percentage shots that end up costing them 2, 3, or more strokes on a hole, which most of us call the blow-up holes. If these golfers would just play the percentage shot they could probably cut 7 or more strokes off their score.

Another thing that golfers can do to cut strokes off their score is use a little course management. If your approach shot requires you to hit over a 10-foot high green side bunker to a tucked pin and it typically takes you 2 shots or more to get out of a bunker... then the percentage golf shot is to hit away from the bunker to the fat part of the green.

If you're in a green side bunker with a 10-foot lip and bunker shots are a weak spot in your golf game then your best bet is to hit your bunker shot over the lowest part of the bunker away from the green just to get it out. This will set you up to hit your next shot on to the green and possibly one putt for your par or bogey.

When preparing to hit your next shot always know where you want to miss it if you end up not hitting it the way you planned, which we know now is going to be about 95+ percent of the time. By preparing yourself for this then you'll have a much better chance of recovering from the miss hit.

During your next round of golf try doing these things and I guarantee you'll cut several strokes from your golf score. Just remember you're not Tiger Woods so don't kid yourself in thinking you can hit golf shots the way he does. Leave your ego in the parking lot. Play smart golf and you'll be amazed by your golf score.

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