Friday, June 30, 2006

Golf Without Tempo

A golf swing tempo can be a golfers best friend or their worst enemy. Swing tempo (speed) will vary from golfer to golfer with the swing tempos ranging from fast to slow. We've all heard of the golf tip or comment to "Slow Down". When a golfers swing tempo is too fast then their game will have a tendency to degrade as their tempo increases.

The worse golf swing tempo killer is tension. Tension in any part of your body will keep you from any kind of consistent golf play because you're body can't freely move when performing the golf swing. One of the things I do on the golf range to reduce tension in my hands and arms is to slightly bend at the waist and let my arms hang from my shoulders. I then start to shake my hands which causes my arms to shake with them. I visualize the tension falling off my hands and arms. I'll then start to hit a few balls and if I still feel a little tension I'll repeat the shaking. I'll even do it during the round if I feel tension coming on.

Here are 3 things you can do to help relieve tension and create a good golf swing tempo:

1. Try to get yourself in a relaxed state by eliminating all thoughts of the office, kids, wife, etc... You want your mind to be as clear as possible.

2. Perform the shake drill I described above to remove tension from your hands and arms. If you feel tension in other parts of your body then do what's necessary to loosen them up.

3. Take a club and start making an 1/8 of your golf swing back and forth, then 1/4 of your golf swing back and forth, then 1/2 of your golf swing, then 3/4 of your golf swing. Each one of these should be done 2 or 3 times and as you perform them you want to swing as slow as possible without feeling jerky.

The key to these 3 things is to develop a nice smooth golf swing tempo that will help you be a more consistent ball striker. You'll also find that once you do find your golf swing tempo that you'll feel like it takes a lot less effort to hit the golf ball. If you currently have a fast golf swing then it may take you a little longer to establish a good golf swing tempo.

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