Friday, June 23, 2006

Golf Schools Out The Wazoo

I've been doing quite a bit of research lately on golf schools and what I've found out is there are a lot of them. The Golf School industry is very competitive and the well known golf schools are generating a lot of revenue.

Golf schools have a very large range in prices. For example a 3-day golf school can range from $350 (no accommodations) to over $3,000 with a top notch instructor like Butch Harmon. The golf schools also have a wide range of amenities. The lower priced golf schools are pretty much bare bones with just the necessary things to work on your golf swing. The median to higher priced golf schools cater to more of a vacation environment with amenities for the whole family. A few of the higher priced golf schools are all inclusive, which includes the golf lessons, unlimited golf, all meals, accommodations, etc...

Overall there's a golf school for any budget and I think every golfer should attend a golf school at least once during their golfing career. So when you're planning your next vacation you should consider a golf school as your next destination. The US Golf Schools web site is a great resource for researching your next golf school vacation.

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