Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Golf Isn't A Real Sport!

I heard on a radio talk show that the host didn't feel golf was a real sport. He made that statement because he felt if a 16-year old girl, Michelle Wie, can almost qualify for the US Open then how can golf be considered a real sport. Now Michelle Wie is a very unique golfer and she's treading new territory much like Tiger did when he was young.

The talk show host also got a kick out of how some of the men golfers are reacting negatively about her attempting to qualify. I'd have to agree with him because what are these men golfers so afraid of? I think their golf egos are getting in the way of their judgment.

If a golfer man or woman has the talent to play at the highest level than they should be given the opportunity to prove themselves. Their golf shouldn't be scrutinized because of their gender, but strictly on their golf skills and their ability to compete with the best golfers in the world.

For those of you opposed to Michelle Wie or any other women golfer attempting to play on the PGA Tour... I challenge you to put your skills up against these women if you think their golf game isn't worthy!
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