Wednesday, June 07, 2006

5 Steps To Building A Golf Swing

Today I've listed the basic golf swing thoughts I go through after a layoff from golf to build up my golf swing. I do this to help get my golf swing mechanics back into a nice tempo. I think it's always a good idea to get back to the basics after a layoff from golf or if I'm struggling with my golf swing.

1. Grip - I concentrate on just enough pressure to hold the golf club in my hand. You know the old saying enough pressure to hold a bird in your hand. This really helps me reduce the tension in my arms when holding the golf club.

2. Setup - I concentrate on being solid and square to the target with my shoulders as level as possible with my left arm extended and in line with the golf club. My knees are slightly bent and relaxed so I can make a full turn.

3. Takeaway - I concentrate on taking the golf club away in one piece. My left arm remains inline with the golf club until it's parallel to the ground at which my wrists start to break and the club continues upward. I keep my right arm tucked in so it doesn't fly out.

4. At The Top - I concentrate on a 3/4 golf swing for all of my irons. This was something I incorporated when I was playing high school golf. It took a little getting used to, but it really improved my accuracy and control with my irons. I then drop the hammer, which is where I visualize my right arm coming down as if I'm hitting something with a hammer. I want to feel my right arm pulling down and through the ball. Also, my body leads before my hands do.

5. Swing Through Finish - I concentrate on swinging through the golf ball and not hitting at it. Think of the golf ball getting in the way of the golf club head. As I'm at the bottom I concentrate on following through with my arms extended and my right hand rolling over the left. I let the momentum of the golf club take me through to a high and balanced finish that has me rotating until my chin is underneath my right shoulder.

These golf swing thoughts really help me get my golf swing back into the grove. If you've had a lay off from golf or just struggling a bit with your golf swing then give these a try. If you incorporate these into your golf swing let me know how they work out for you on the golf course.
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