Friday, April 07, 2006

Calloway's OptiFit Driver System Is Hi-Tech

I recently read about Calloway's new customer driver fitting system called the Calloway OptiFit Driver System and I was thoroughly impressed. One of the problems with existing club fitting systems and analysis is that you rarely get to hit the actual club head and shaft combination that you get fitted with, but that's not true with Calloway's OptiFit Driver System.

In the traditional club fitting scenario you hit some balls with a club that's about the one you would play with and from there the pro analyzes you swing through sophisticated swing monitoring software. From all the numbers they get through the monitor from your swing they determine the appropriate club for your swing. With Calloway's OptiFit Driver System the pro is able to create hundreds of club head and shaft combinations on the spot for you to hit with. Here are few things about Calloway fitting system:

The OptiFit Driver System equips retailers and pros with a compact, hi-tech fitting tool that can quickly identify the precise club head-shaft combination for each golfer's individual swing. A significant leap forward in custom driver fitting, the OptiFit Driver System will dramatically improve the process whereby consumers select a new driver.

Each OptiFit Driver System comes with 13 Big Bertha Fusion FT-3(TM) Driver heads and 23 separate shafts from the most-respected and most sought-after shaft manufacturers in the marketplace, including Aldila, Fujikura, Graphite Design(TM), Grafalloy, UST and Mitsubishi Rayon. Driver heads for the new X460 Driver will be added to all OptiFit Driver Systems as they become available, increasing the number of head-shaft combinations to more than 700.

The heads and shafts can be mixed and matched, with each shaft quickly and easily inserted into the clubhead and locked into place with a proprietary torque wrench customized for Callaway Golf, which is what the OptiFit Driver System is. The head and shaft are fitted together with a precision screw designed to securely attach the head to the shaft. The resulting 299 different head and shaft combinations that the OptiFit Driver System can create for a club-fitting professional helps them zero-in on and match the needs of virtually any golfer.

The production-quality of the drivers assembled by the OptiFit Driver System distinguishes it from other attempts at interchangeable shaft systems. At the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando last month, industry representatives and PGA Professionals who saw it for the first time were amazed at its efficiency, precision and reliability.

Among the other unique aspects of the OptiFit Driver System is the proprietary keyed assembly mechanism that renders foolproof the switching of clubheads and shafts. Aligning the shaft is quick and easy and an ergonomic torque wrench designed for Callaway Golf ensures "no-doubt" assembly by signaling with a loud "click" that the shaft is properly locked into place. The Calloway OptiFit Driver System is expected to be available at select green grass and off-course retailers in April.

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