Friday, April 21, 2006

Golf Club Throwing Is Sweeping The Nation

Have you ever been golfing and seen some guy throw his club? I'm not just talking about throwing to his cart or bag in disgust of the shot he just made. I'm talking about the kind of throw that rivals the Olympic Hammer Throw where the guy practically turns into the Incredible Hulk and throws his club well beyond his last shot.

I've been fortunate enough to see many golf clubs thrown over the 30+ years I've been playing and I've been guilty of doing it a couple times when I was on the high school golf team. I can honestly say that I probably wouldn't have done it if my best friend at the time and team mate didn't do it. Whenever he did it I would start to laugh. I wouldn't be laughing at him, but just at seeing his club flying down the fairway and sometimes getting caught up in the trees. Needless to say my club throwing days were limited to my high school years.

I actually got my first descent putter from some guy throwing his into the lake. Later that night I went back to the golf course and went into the lake to search for it and I found it. I still have that putter to this day, which was an old Wilson Tour blade putter. I played with it for over 20 years through high school and after.

The club throw of all time has to go to my brother. He plays golf maybe once a year and about 10 years ago we were out a Willowick golf course in Santa Ana, CA. We were on the 3rd hole and my brother was in the righthand rough. He pulled out a 3-iron and I told him he'd be better off taking a 6-iron just to make sure he got it out of the 4-inch rough. Well he didn't take my advice and proceeded to take hack his way through the rough advancing the ball a couple feet at a time with each swing. After his fourth attempt, which was a whiff, he turned into the Incredible Hulk and started into the hammer through twirl and unleashed his club about 60 to 70 yards, which is close to the World Record Hammer Throw of 86.7 meters. Everyone in our group was laughing so hard that we almost had tears in our eyes.

Are you a club thrower? What's your personal best?

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