Friday, April 28, 2006

Fore On The Tee With A 3" Bump

About 10 years ago I was playing a round of golf with some friends from work at Skylinks Golf Course in Long Beach, CA. The friends I was playing with weren't the greatest golfers, but they were fun to play 9-holes with after work.

We were on a par 3 and everyone hit except for Dave. Dave got up to the tee and pulled the heck out of his tee shot. About 100-yards away and to the left were a line of Cypress trees protecting the tee box on the next hole. We all yelled "Fore" as we saw the ball heading towards the Cypress protected tee box. The ball cleared the Cypress trees and we heard the ball hit a tree pretty solidly... you know that solid deep sounding noise you hear when hitting a tree.

We picked up our clubs and started walking up to the green and that's when two guys came out from behind the Cypress trees with one of them holding his forehead. The one guy yelled over to us saying that we hit his friend in the head. We all walked over their and the guy that got hit lifted his hand from his forehead and my mouth dropped open.

He had a bump on his forehead that looked to be bigger than a golf ball. The bump was so big that it didn't even look real. I was a little scared because I didn't know what was going to happen to this guy. I'm sure he had some kind of concussion because that was one wicked bump on his head.

I realized that from a 100-yards away to hear the ball hit what we all thought was a tree, but in reality it hit some guy in the head was pretty surreal. If you were there and heard the ball make the noise that it did... and know that it was someone's head. Damn!!! That's just not something you want to hear or remember.

Every since then when I hear a golf ball strike a tree with that solid sound it brings me right back to that day at Skylinks Golf Course... and the visual of that 3 inch bump rising from his head.

Have you ever experienced something like that?

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