Tuesday, April 11, 2006

20 Golf Balls And A 4-Iron

Back on one of my previous posts I talked about how me and my brother used to make our money by raking the lakes at the golf course for golf balls. We did this late at night to make sure no one would see us doing it because we really weren't supposed to be there.

On one night I decided to bring my 4-iron with me. The lake we raked was on a par 3 hole so after we had raked a few times I took about 20 balls and went to the tee. I told my brother to stand by the flag stick because it was the safest spot on the green. At the time I thought it was the safest spot because the odds of hitting the flag stick were pretty slim. I wanted him on the green so he could tell me if my shots were hitting the green or not.

It was a full moon so I was able to see the green and my brother from the tee box. I yelled to my brother, "Here I go" in the softest voice possible so I wouldn't wake up any of the houses surrounding the golf course. I hit my first ball and it felt pretty good. Even with the full moon I wasn't able to see if the ball was going to land on the green or not, but that's where my brother came in. I didn't have to ask him if it was close or not because he yelled out "Hey that was close watch it!!". I kept firing away and after about 5 balls he told me to stop because I was getting too close.

Being that it was my brother there was no way I was going to stop. I started to laugh and proceeded to hit ball after ball in a rapid fire with my 4-iron. My brother started to run and take cover and of course I had to adjust my aim like a tank taking fire on the enemy. I launched one white heat sinking golf ball after another until I ran out. To say the least my brother was pretty mad at me, but what are brothers for?

He calmed down after a few minutes and we started to laugh about it. We finished up our raking and called it at night.

Now that I think about it we weren't very bright in doing this because my brother could have gotten hurt, but when you're 14 and 15 years you think your invincible and do stupid stuff.

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