Saturday, April 01, 2006

Callaway Odyssey White Steel Tri-Ball SRT

Here's what Callaway has to say about the new Odyssey White Steel Tri-Ball SRT... The Odyssey Tri-Ball SRT putter has a higher MOI for a straighter back and through stroke, and a lightweight body for precise balance. Instead of the 2 ball circles behind the face, the Tri-Ball SRT has three balls for enhanced alignment. The Odyssey Tri-Ball SRT putter has the Saturn Ring Technology (SRT) for added stability and comes with either the White Steel or White Hot insert as well. This all new alignment putter is an unbeatable blend of can’t miss technologies.

I personally think they've ruined a good thing. The 2-ball putter was a revolutionary putter that's both functional and unique. The tri-ball seems more like a marketing ploy. Kind of like a bad sequel. They probably felt that if the 2-ball was so hot then the tri-ball should be even better. In this case more isn't better.

I've putted with the Odyssey White Hot 2-Ball and I liked it very much. It has a great weight and balance that's easy to execute a smooth stroke. The golf ball comes off the putter head very solid with great feedback. I putted with the 3-ball at a golf shop and I immediately didn't like it when I stood over it. It seemed clunky and just plane to much putter head. I would have to give it a 2 of 5 rating. Anyone else have experience with the Odyssey White Steel Tri-Ball SRT? If you're interested in some feedback on the Odyssey 2-Ball putter then see my post Odyssey Putter vs Scotty Cameron Putter.

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