Monday, July 17, 2006

Tiger Woods Against Me In Golf

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play golf against Tiger Woods? Do you think you could handle the pressure of playing golf with the best player in the world?

I know most golfers have probably thought about this. I know I have. I think about how nervous I would be on the first tee... no make that first 3 or 4 holes. Since Tiger is a very personable guy, I think he would make me feel at east pretty quickly. The most important thing I would want is to be able to show off my best golf to Tiger and hope that he would occasionally say "nice shot!" I think about him giving me some pointers during our round of golf and seeing some immediate results in my golf swing.

Tiger would probably want to make the round interesting by making a little wager in a skins or other type of game. I would definitely want as many strokes as I could get from him and probably add on another 5 just for the Tiger factor.

Now I know most of us have thought about what it would be like to out drive Tiger Woods, but that's about as likely as me winning the Masters Golf Tournament. But think about what kind of golf story that would be... to tell every golfer you know that you out drove Tiger Woods. To me that would be the highlight of my golfing career.

Have you every thought about golfing against Tiger Woods? If so what was your round of golf like?

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Golf School Nut said...

That would be a great golf trip. I'd have to replace Arnold Palmer with "The Shark" Greg Norman. Now that's my fantasy golf vacation.

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