Monday, July 24, 2006

Do You Have a Pre-Putt Routine?

If you've been keeping up on my putting tips you know how much I stress the importance of a good putting game. There are many parts to making a putt and one of the most important parts is the pre-putt routine. I'm sure you have a pre-shot routine for your golf shots and if you don't you should, but you should also have one for your putting.

Consistency is something that you should have throughout your entire golf game... and consistency starts with your pre-putt and pre-shot routines. You should be doing the same things over and over every time without exception when it comes to your pre-putt routine. This routine will help to get you into a rhythm, which should help with your entire golf game.

If you're not sure what your pre-putt routine should be then think about how you go about putting today when you're on the course. Write the steps down on a piece of paper and take it to the practice putting green to work on a pre-putt routine. If you don't have one then watch the PGA Tour pros pre-putt routine to see if one of them fits your style of play.

Remember that putting accounts for nearly half of all the golf shots you make during a round of golf so it makes sense to become very proficient with the putter... it will be where you'll cut the most strokes off of you score.

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Golf School Nut said...

That is very true. I do have a pre-putt routine, but it took me a little bit to make sure I did it everytime without thinking about it.