Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Nike Sasquatch 460 Driver

I've been hearing a lot of buzz about the Nike Sasquatch 460 Driver and decided to hit a few golf balls with it to see how it feels. The very first thing you notice about this driver is the size of the head. The head is huge. It's the biggest driver I've ever seen. Standing over the golf ball with the club in your hand is somewhat distracting because of it's size. I suppose I'd get use to it if I played a few rounds of golf with it.

I was at Roger Dunn's Golf Shop in Santa Ana, CA and pulled out a demo Nike Sasquatch 460 Driver from one of the bins. I stepped into one of the golf swing booths and took a few practice swings. The club felt pretty good, but the golf shaft I had was a stiff and I typically play with extra stiff. I teed up a golf ball and made a nice smooth swing and the ball exploded of the face. I didn't have a launch monitor hooked up so I could tell how far it the golf ball carried. I hit a few golf balls with the Nike Sasquatch and it felt pretty solid, but I really had a hard time getting over the size of the head.

I didn't end up buying the golf club mainly because I'm still hitting my TaylorMade TP R7 Quad pretty good and because the club head was just too big for me. I know the Nike Sasquatch probably has a bigger sweet spot than my TaylorMade R7, but confidence over the golf ball is very important to me. I felt I'd be distracted by the size of the driver head.

I read some golf club reviews of the Nike Sasquatch 460 and it got mixed reviews. The biggest complaint I saw was the size of the head. The biggest praise was it's length and accuracy off the tee, but I also read a few reviews saying it wasn't a very accurate driver.

Is the Nike Sasquatch 460 Driver in your golf bag?

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