Saturday, July 22, 2006

Cleveland CG10 Wedges

I've been playing the Cleveland CG10 wedges for over a year now and they've performed very well. I have the 52 degree gap wedge and the 56 degree sand wedge in the black pearl finish. Before these wedges I was playing with the Cleveland 588 GunMetal Wedges in 53 and 56 degrees. These wedges performed almost as good as the CG10's.

The Cleveland CG10 wedges definitely have a noticeably softer feel. Even though they have a softer feel the golf ball comes off the club face very solid. I feel like I have more control and touch with the CG10's. I'm able to put more spin on the ball as well, which has helped my short game quite a bit. I have the 2 dot bounce with both of the wedges, which allows me to hit off of tight lies as well as still get it out of the sand.

I searched some of the golf forums and golf club review sites and the Cleveland CG10 wedges have received excellent reviews with 4 to 5 stars as the typically rating.

I know the CG10's and the new Cleveland CG11's are played by many of the professional golfers on tour today so that says a lot about the quality of these wedges. If you've been thinking about getting the CG10 or CG11 wedges then I hope this golf club review helped you out.

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Golf School Nut said...

I've been playing Cleveland wedges for a long time and I currently have the Pearl Black Cleveland CG11's. What a great felling sand wedge and gap wedge.

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