Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Taylormade r7 425 or r7 425 TP?

When comparing the TaylorMade R7 425 and the R7 425 TP, there are a few things to remember that can help in deciding which one is right for you. Both are alike in that they combine a large, forgiving 425 cc clubhead with TaylorMade’s renowned Movable Weight Technology (MWT), and both offer exceptionally high MOI. But that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

Basically there are four key differences between the R7 425 and R7 425 TP:

(1) The R7 425 TP is engineered with a slightly open clubface, since most skilled players have little trouble squaring the face to the ball at impact.

(2) The R7 425 TP includes more cartridges in a wider range of weights, allowing players to choose from 1,230 launch conditions across a range of nine swing weights.

(3) The R7 425 TP is also equipped with a different shaft, the TaylorMade RE*AX with Fujikura ROMBAX technology.

(4) The R7 425 requires a shaft with a .350" tip diameter while the r7 425 TP requires a .335".

Taylormade recommends testing out both clubs for yourself at one of one of their
Demo Day Events so you can see and feel the performance differences firsthand. Plus, you can get any questions answered by a TaylorMade representative.

Also, be sure to check out TaylorMade's R7 425 and R7 425 TP
Frequently Asked Questions sections on their web site for more information.
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Golf School Nut said...

I'm currently playing the TP R7 Quad with a Speeder 757 x-stiff and I hit the crap out of it. What a great driver.

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