Monday, March 27, 2006

Golf Ball Magnet

It was an afternoon in the summer where a few of us left work early to play 9-holes of golf at Aliso Viejo Golf Course in Aliso Viejo, CA. It was a perfect day for golf with the temperature around 75 degrees and a very clear day.

We had just teed off on one of the blind par 4's and I hit a big drive that reached the crest of the fairway and went down the drop in the fairway. My buddies teed off and all of them were in the fairway except for one that went way left. We got to our golf balls and two of my buddies hit their approach shots. My ball was at least 40 yards ahead of them because I had made it down the slop of the fairway. I got to my drive, which measured about 320 yards, and set up to hit about a 3/4 sand-wedge. I was just about to take my backswing when I get drilled in the back of my right calf with a golf ball, which dropped me to the ground. I looked back towards where the golf ball came from and I didn't see anyone, but I did see one of my other buddies fall out of the golf cart laughing. Evidently he thought it was funny to see me get drilled by a golf ball, and I imagine from his view point it probably was.

I got up and looked at my leg and it had a nice read spot from the golf ball that was starting to welt up. I looked up again towards where the golf ball came from and here comes the buddy in my group who had hit his tee shot way left. He was yelling to me "Did you see my golf ball?" That made the other guys in my group to really start laughing hard. I yelled back to him and said "Yeah, it's right here. You drilled me with it." Of course he didn't believe me until I showed him the back of my calf. When continued our round of golf, but after about 2 holes the back of my calf was turning black and blue. It was going to be a deep bruise. That was the second time I've been drilled with a golf ball and I'm starting to think I'm a golf ball magnet.

The next day at work my buddies were giving the guy who drilled me with the golf ball a hard time about it. There were jokes flying around the office for a good two weeks and to this day someone throws one in when were talking about golf. I actually laugh at the golf jokes too because when I think back it is a pretty funny golf story.

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