Thursday, March 23, 2006

Afternoon Golf Turns Ugly

One day after school I went to hit some golf balls at the Meadowlark Golf Course range. While I was hitting balls Ambrose came up, who was a kid I had just met last week. He was 14, which was a year older than me, but he looked like he was 18. He lifted weights since he was 10 and he looked like a body builder. Anyway he asked if I wanted to go play 9-holes before it got dark and I said ok.

We headed out on the back nine and when we got to the 15th things started to get a little crazy. We reached the 15th green and Ambrose decides to show off his strength. He takes the flag stick, which back then were metal rods instead of Fiberglas, and bent it in half with his two hands. For some reason I thought that was hilarious and started to laugh so hard that I got a side ache. He stuck the flag back into the and went on to the 16th hole.

We reached the 16th green and Ambrose decided he wasn't done and took the flag stick and started throwing it like a spear so it would stick into the green. Again I started laughing. In fact so hard that I started to cry and almost couldn't breathe. He was laughing too and he just left the holes in the green with the flagstick embedded into the green. We went on and played the 17th and Ambrose left after that. I continued on and played the 18th hole. As I was walking to the proshop I heard someone screaming. I turned around and this man was yelling as he was was running up 18 yelling. At first I didn't know what he wanted, but by the time we both reached the proshop things got really ugly.

This man takes me by the arm and gets the guy in the proshop to come outside. The man precedes to tell the explain that I destroyed the pin on 15 and tore up the green on 16. I told him it was a guy I was playing with who did it. I could tell I was in deep because there was no way the guy in the proshop was going to believe me over this man. We argued for a few minutes more when the proshop guy sent a maintenance guy to go look at 15 and 16. A few minutes later he came back and said the holes were damaged and the guy in the proshop called the police.

As soon as the guy from the proshop left the man looked at me and said "I oughta take you behind that shed and teach you a lesson." He was really pissed and I was really scared. After about 15 minutes the police came and they questioned me and the man. They asked me if I knew who the other boy was and I said I had just met him and didn't know where he lived. Another 15 minutes went by and the policeman escorted me to his squad car and put me in the back seat. That was one of the most terrifying experience I went through as a kid. The policeman told me he was taking me to my mom's work, which was Sav-on's at the time.

We reached Sav-on's and the policeman parked right outside the entrance so everyone saw what was going on. He let me out of the car and escorted me inside to my mom. You should have seen the expression on my mom's face. It was a face of shock and disbelief. The policeman explained to my mom what happened and then he left. I explained my side of the story to my mom and she believed that I didn't do any of the vandalism at the golf course.

Well needless to say kept my distance from Ambrose from the day on.

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