Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Runaway Golf Cart

How many of you seen this before? Someone gets out of their cart while on an incline or decline and forgets to set the brake. Before they know it their cart is racing down the hill with no one in the drivers seat.

On one occassion while playing a practice round for my high school I was grouped with some players from a rival high school. At first I thought it was going to be a long day, but by the 3rd hole we were laughing and having a good time. There was one particular guy that seemed to be a real prankster. He was doing things to the flag after we left the green. He was moving the tee markers and bench so they lined up towards another hole.

We were teeing off the 9th hole when this guy saw an abandoned cart. He went over to it after he teed off to see if it had any juice left in it. Sure enough it did and he got into the cart and started driving it round doing 360's and jokingly trying to run us down. That's when he got his bright idea of ghost riding the cart down the fairway, which had a pretty steep decline. At first we all started to laugh as we saw the unmanned cart flying down the fairway. On it's way down it hit a dip and caused the cart to change direction. It was now heading straight for the lake on the 8th hole. You should have seen the prankster in our group run. He was trying to chase down the cart before it went into the lake, but we all could see that the cart had too much speed to be caught.

Well sure enough the cart went flying into the lake and everyone was rolling on the ground laughing except the prankster. As a 15-year old this was hilarious and I would have to say it would have been hilarious to anyone else who witnessed it. It would have been a winner on America's Funniest Videos TV show.

Needless to say the prankster was in big trouble because one of the grounds keepers witnessed it and reported it to the starter. It ended up costing the prankster in our group around $1800 and he was suspended from his golf team.

Damn that was funny though!!!

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