Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Cleveland CG2 vs CG4 Tour

I've always been a big proponent of Cleveland irons and Cleveland's latest irons the CG4 Tour and CG2 have caught my eye. My last 2 sets have been Cleveland's with my current set being the Cleveland TA2's with Sensicore shafts. A buddy of mine picked up a set of the Cleveland CG2's about 6 months ago and swears by them and that got me in the mood to go take a look at both the CG4 Tour and CG2 irons.

I was at Roger Dunn's Golf Shop in Santa Ana, CA and decided to hit a few balls with both the Cleveland CG2 and the Cleveland CG4 Tour. I picked out a 7-iron in both sets and headed over to the hitting area. I started out with the CG2 and the set up of the iron was very attractive. It had a clean look and a nice top line. All of the balls I hit were clean, crisp, and solid. I especially liked the solid feeling of the ball coming off the face. I then tried the CG4 Tour and it had a nice clean look as well, but it did have a thicker top line and maybe a slight offset. The balls I hit with this iron felt identical to the CG2. Aside from the asthetics both irons performed the same, but I'd get the CG2 because I personally like the thinner top line. I think you can't go wrong with either the CG2 or CG4 Tour because of their equal performance.

The solid feel I got from hitting the CG2 and the CG4 Tour was noticeable... meaning they felt more solid than the TA2's I'm currently playing with. I think I'll wait a few more months before I get the CG2's so I can get some more play out of my TA2's, but I'll definitely be getting the CG2's unless Cleveland comes out with something better.

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