Friday, August 18, 2006

Why You Should Chip From The Bunker

One of the toughest golf shots for most golfers is from the green-side sand trap mainly for two reasons; 1) they rarely practice their sand shots, 2) they don't know the correct technique to hit from the sand trap.

Here's a really simple golf tip to hit a sand trap shot when the bunker is firm with a medium to small lip and you have some green to work with.

What I like to do in these cases is use a 7 or 8-iron to chip the golf ball out of the bunker. Noticed how I said chip the ball instead of blast the ball. This is important because you want to hit the golf ball first as you would with a chip shot. The idea is to get the ball rolling on the green as soon as possible so it can run out to the hole. On occasion I've even used a 5 or 6-iron to chip the ball out of the green side bunker when I've had a lot of green to deal with.

When you're able to get the golf ball on the green sooner and run it out its easier to judge the distance. Also, chipping the ball is a lot easier for most golfers than blasting the ball out with a sand wedge. No you still can't ground your club so I would suggest trying this a few times at the practice sand trap the next time you're at the range.

Let me know if the golf tip helps you out on your next round of golf.

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