Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Do You Have A Good Putting Tempo?

When golfers think about tempo they usually think about their golf swing, which is a good thing because a good swing tempo means consistent golf and scoring.

There's also putting tempo and not many golfers realize that this is just as important as swing tempo. While alignment and a straight back and straight through putting stroke are important, your tempo or rhythm is probably more important. Your putting stroke tempo will control the speed and distance of your putts. If you have a good putting tempo then your speed and distance will be consistent from putt to putt.

A good putting stroke tempo or rhythm is defined as one that has a constant speed going back and coming back through. Just like the pendulum of a grandfather clock going back and forth at a constant speed. A putting stroke with good tempo is controlled by the arms and shoulders where the backstroke and follow-through move at the same speed and are of equal lengths. The putter just acts as an extension to your arms and is along for the ride.

To see if you have a good putting stroke tempo take your putter and make a putting stroke without a golf ball. Pay attention to the speed going back and coming back through. Also notice the distance you take the putter back and follow-through. If you notice that either the speed or distance are not equal then you know you need a little work. You may need a golf buddy to watch and tell you if your tempo is off. Continue to do this until you feel like both the speed and distance of the takeaway and follow-through are the same.

Then get a few golf balls and try it at home on the carpet or on the practice putting green. It may take a little bit to get used to it, but it will be well worth it. You should see an immediate improvement of your speed and distance control the next time you're on the practice putting green.

Let me know if this putting tip helps you out.

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Dean McConnell said...

A presentation on putting tempo can be found at dxptech.com. The Pendulum Putting TempoStik actually shows you the perfect pendulum putting stroke based on your personal tempo, green speed, and target distance. Also, download the free "Puttronome_90bpm" file that let's you hear the perfect pendulum stroke on your MP3 player as you practice on the putting green.