Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Michelle Wie Takes The Low Road

I know this is somewhat old golf news, but I had to share this...

When I first started reading the story about Michelle Wie firing her caddy after her 26th place finish at the Women's British Open, my first reaction was scapegoat. As I read more of the story I was really disappointed in Michelle Wie and her family for not telling their caddy first that he was fired. They told the press before they contacted him. Now that's just wrong.

Golf is a very humbling sport and for Wie to put this on her caddy is lame at best. Now she has no excuses for her golf and her inability to get her first win on the LPGA tour. I have a feeling she's going to get a lot of flack from the golf community and she'll just have to suck it up.

Her golf schedule for the rest of the year has her playing in a couple more PGA tour events. If she thought she was getting it from the golf crowds now just wait until she plays her next few events LPGA or PGA.

I had a lot of respect for her trying to make it out on the PGA tour, but now after pulling a stunt like firing your caddy... not so much. I guess that's what you'd expect from a 16-year old.

What do you think about Wie firing her caddy?

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Duke said...


Great stuff here and I agree with you on how Michelle and her handlers treated this situation.

From what I have been following with Michelle since she first came on the screen is that her parents are very much part of what Michelle says and acts. I have to think that they are also very much, if not totally, part of the firing of her caddy.
Which would also make be believe that Michelle’s parents are now lost in all of the money they are making from their daughter…or should I say, their ‘investment’

Yes, I feel for when Michelle takes the tee in her next event. She thinks it was hot at the John Deere…. Those ladies and men who are out there playing their hearts out for a pay check don’t have Nike and Sony paying them to look good on TV, they are out thee to play golf and they protect their own which includes tier caddies…

Let’s see what develops. What happens at the next event could over shadow the Ryder Cup, which if Fred Couples is not chosen probably will not be much fun to watch anyway...but I digress. Have a great day and great site. Hope to meet you someday.

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Don Smith said...


I really appreciate your feedback. Like you said we'll have to wait and see what happens at her next event. I like your site... very clean and professional.

I have another site that I've had up for a couple months where I provide reviews on U.S. Golf Schools. Feel free to check it out. Would you want to recipricate links with my blog and Golf Schools site?