Monday, April 09, 2007

Tiger Almost Wins The Masters With His "B" Game

Did you get a chance to watch "The Masters" this weekend? Augusta was playing so hard... it was brutal at times. As the golf announcers said many times, there's a lot of carnage out on the course.

I was very impressed by Zack Johnson's play in the final round, but I was even more impressed with Tiger Wood's play. Even when he's playing with his "B" game he's still in contention. It's simply amazing that someone can not be on the top of their golf game and still compete in every golf tournament... especially in a major golf tournament like The Masters.

You got give credit to Zack Johnson though because he showed some great concentration and grittiness on the back nine. Tiger had his chance with a birdie on 16 to pull within 1 stroke, but it burned the top edge of the cup... and from watching on TV it looked like it was going fall in on the backside of the cup.
Tiger finished 17 and 18 with pars at +3 and in a tie for second with Retief Goosen and Rory Sabatini.

They interviewed Tiger after his round and you could tell he was disgusted with his play. He said he pretty much lost the tournament on 17 and 18 where he bogey both of them down the stretch in two of his rounds.

You know for sure that Tiger will be out for vengeance in the next few tournaments. He'll be very prepared and will take no prisoners. Watchout PGA Tour!


LJP said...

Watched nearly every second. 4.15am yesterday morning, 5am every other day. Drank lots of coffee. I have the bags to prove it. I love golf!!

golf school nut said...

I hear you LJP. I watched what I could in the break room at work and kept track of the leaderboard on my computer when I was at work. Watched everything on Sat and Sun. It was a great day for golf on Sunday with so many lead changes.

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