Thursday, March 22, 2007

Are Pro Golfers Golf Clubs Handmade?

I read a post on a message board recently that asked the question.

Are professional golfers golf clubs handmade by the club manufacturer that sponsers them?

The debate went back and forth... and I'd say 60% of them felt that they were handmade clubs specific to the golfer. I did some research and found that in only the extremely rare case does a pro golfer have their golf clubs handmade.

This is what Frank Thomas of had to say...

"In most cases the basic clubs being used (not necessarily endorsed) by the pros are very similar to those being produced for the general public, but these have been customized for the pros with a few extra grinds or bends, etc.

In some cases the weighting may also have been changed a little. There are also prototype models of clubs the pros get to use that are not yet (and may never be) available to the general public.

To resolve the dispute, I can assure you that very rarely will clubs be specifically hand built from scratch for the pros. This does not mean that they haven’t been very carefully customized for the pro; it would be the very rare exception if a pro received a standard set off the shelf without some little tweak. But, for the most part, the tweaking is the kind of work that you or your pro can do in a workshop."

Here's the link
The Golf Channel.

Are the golf clubs you play custom fitted for you

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