Friday, December 08, 2006

Want 17 More Yards Out Of Your Driver?

How would you like to hit your driver 17-yards longer? If I told you that you could gain 10 to 20 more yards on your drives by changing the golf ball your using or by increasing the loft on your driver would you be interested?

In a previous posts I've discussed things like getting properly fitted for clubs, launch conditions, etc... Well I'm here to say it again. I recently read an aritcle in Golf Digest that discussed the importance of launch angle, spin rate, and angle of descent.

The article stated that they test 80 club champions and they were able to increase their tee shot distances by an average of 17-yards just be tweaking the equipment they used. When I say tweaking I mean changing the ball and loft of their driver.

You need to remember that these guys are club champions and for them to gain 17-yards is a lot. Can you imagine what the average golfer could gain on their drives by doing this? We're probably talking about an additional 20 or 30 yards on their drives.

As a golfer we all want to hit the golf ball farther, so with a few small changes in your golf equipment you could be the longer hitter in your group and your buddies will want to know your secret.

The golf article is at Golf Digest if your interested.

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Golf School Nut said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I've had my golf swing analyzed when I was at a golf school. The golf instructor suggested I get a driver with more loft and change my golf ball to one with a lower spin rate. Just by doing that I gained on average about 15 yards.