Monday, September 17, 2007

Is Tiger Woods The Best Golfer Ever?

To me this is a ludicrous question. How can anyone think that he's not the best golfer that has ever played the game. Just like he did in 2000, Tiger is playing at a level that's untouchable by other golfers. It's almost like watching a professional golfer playing in an amateur golf tournament and lapping the field.

At the Tournament Players Championship this weekend Tiger looked invincible. He cruised to an 8-shot victory and placed first in the FedEx Cup standings collecting $1.26 million and $10 million dollars respectively.

Tiger has won 61 PGA Tour events and 1 shy of Arnold Palmer's 62 career wins, but you have to remember Tiger has done it in only 11 years. At this pace Tiger will pass Sam Snead's 82 career wins in about 4 years.

As a golfer you have to admire how good he is. He's untouchable when he's playing at his best and the rest of the PGA Tour will probably go back to the mindset of playing for second, which is what most players had conceded to during the 2000 PGA Tour season (the last time Tiger completely dominated the tour).

Some golf analysts say that Tiger is in his prime and that he could run off 4, 5, or more wins in a row several times throughout the years to come. Who knows he may win 12 in a row and eclipse Byron Nelson's record of 11 victories in a row. To hear Johnny Miller praise another golfer is rare. He typically has something negative to say about every golfer, but with Tiger I can see that he's in complete awe of his abilities.

All I can say is WOW! Tiger Woods is without a doubt the best golfer to ever play the game and I feel privileged to watch history being made in the sport that I love.

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