Monday, July 16, 2007

Golf's Dreaded Shank Witnessed On PGA Tour

Yes you read that right. Kenny Perry of the PGA tour hit a dead on shank this weekend during the John Deere Classic. It was definitely a shocker to see while watching it on TV. The camera was directly behind Kenny and when he hit the chip it went straight right. If you're new to the game of golf a shank is probably equivalent to someone scratching a chalkboard with their nails. It's when the golf ball hits the hosel of your iron instead of the face, which causes the ball to veer to the right. I would consider it to be the worst shot you can hit in golf.

What was even more amazing then Perry's shank was the announcer's reaction. There was a brief moment of silence then the announcer started sugar coating the miss... it seemed like he was saying everything but the the "S" (shank) word. It was as if they were forbidden to say it in fear of jinxing him or something.

Not until a few minutes later did one of the announcers say that he shanked it.

I've seen PGA players hit some really bad shots, but this has to be in my top 3 list.

Do you have any shank shot stories to share? I'd like to here them.

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