Thursday, May 03, 2007

Golf SkyCaddie Is The Real Deal

A while back a made a post about the SkyCaddie by SkyGolf. It's a golf gadget (more like a tool) that uses GPS technology to give you yardage to the green, bunker, water hazard, etc... When I made that post I was pretty impressed with it, but now I have a different opinion.

I think the SkyCaddie is the best thing that has been developed for the game of golf since the metal wood. I got the SG2 SkyCaddie for Christmas and I've been using it everytime I go out and play a round of golf. I can't tell you how awesome this golf tool is.

I honestly think it's only a matter of time before these are approved for all kinds of play. The SkyCaddie probably saves me 2 to 3 strokes a round and that's a lot when you consider I'm playing to a 4.4 index. I can't imagine what the SkyCaddie would do for higher handicap player!

If you haven't heard about this then you're missing out. If you've been thinking about getting one then do it. You want regret it one bit.

I just checked on the price at and it's been reduced down to $279 with FREE Shipping. If you were thinking of getting the next latest and greatest driver or putter then you should definitely reconsider it and get the SkyCaddie instead. You'll immediately start reducing your scores.

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