Monday, September 11, 2006

15 Tiger Woods Trivia Facts

Here are some Tiger Woods trivia facts for you:

Q: What is Tiger Woods' given first name?
A: Eldrick

Q: At what age did Tiger Woods make his national TV debut?
A: 2 years

Q: On what television show did Tiger Woods' national TV debut come?
A: Mike Douglas Show

Q: Tiger Woods' mother, Kultilda, is from what country?
A: Thailand

Q: Tiger Woods made his PGA Tour debut in the Nissan Los Angeles Open. How old was he?
A: 16

Q: Where did Tiger Woods attend college?
A: Stanford

Q: Tiger Woods joined the PGA Tour at age 20, in 1996, and got his first title that year. In which tournament did his first victory come?
A: Las Vegas Invitational

Q: Tiger Woods completed the career Grand Slam - a win in each of golf's four majors - in 2000. Which of the four was the last to be won by Tiger?
A: British Open

Q: Tiger Woods is one of only five players to win the career Grand Slam. Of the golfers listed below, which one has not won the career Grand Slam?
A: Arnold Palmer

Q: Tiger Woods' official PGA bio lists his hobbies as basketball, all sports and one more activity. What is that other activity?
A: Fishing

Q: Tiger Woods won three majors in 2000. Only one other male golfer has won three professional majors in one year. Who?
A: Ben Hogan

Q: True or False: Tiger Woods has appeared on Mr. Blackwell's Best-Dressed List?
A: True

Q: True or False: Tiger Woods has appeared on Hanes Hosiery's Sexiest Celebrity Legs list?
A: True

Q: True or false: Tiger Woods holds or shares the scoring records, in relation to par, in all four of golf's majors?
A: True

Q: How many USGA national amateur championships did Tiger Woods win?
A: 6

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